newly-born.jpgThe Harare City Council’s health department has urged expecting mothers to book for delivery in time and go through the screening processes and receive the medication that is required before delivery.

Despite reducing the maternity user fees, expecting mothers are said to be booking for delivery when their pregnancies are already at an advanced stage, thereby defeating all efforts by government and other stakeholders to try and prevent mother-to-child transmission of various diseases.

City Health director, Dr Stanley Mungofa, said pregnant mothers should go through various screening processes and receive treatment if necessary during the early stages of their pregnancies.

He said it is a cause for concern to note that some mothers only come to the clinics while they are in labour.

Dr Mungofa said expecting mothers should have a relationship with the staff at the various council clinics and have access to all the information that will help them protect the unborn child.

In an effort to protect the unborn child and its mother, the government and other stakeholders have successful called for the reduction of user fees which had become a barrier to expecting mothers from poor backgrounds thereby leading to a rate of infant mortality.