The broadcasting industry is poised to scale greater heights as the country’s ongoing digitalisation programme will unlock financial benefits and massive employment opportunities for the sector.

The Zim Digital Migration Team convened a conference on the digitalisation programme in Chinhoyi to give feedback to stakeholders on the progress made in the project and gather views on expectations by industry players, including potential producers.

Broadcasting industry players attending the conference took time to inform stakeholders of tremendous progress made towards digitalisation, notably the establishment of the requisite infrastructure.

Through digitalisation, there will be increased channel capacity with 12 digital  television channels created.

Television and radio coverage will reach the 80% mark.

The conference emphasised the need for content creation by independent producers with industry players revealing that there is likely to be unmet demand for local programmes whose production will be funded by government and the local public broadcaster, ZBC.

Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Mr George Charamba told conference delegates how great and appealing local productions can be, adding that local languages and culture are part  of the country’s identity.

The Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Cde Thokozile Mathuthu also weighed in, emphasising that content is always abundant within our surroundings.

She called for a shift in the way broadcasters conduct their business, challenging industry players to produce highly rated and enjoyable programmes.

The broadcasting sector is set to transform into a multi-billion dollar industry with thousands of jobs expected to be created through the digitalisation programme.