The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has described a social media examination leak report which sparked furore among candidates as a farce.

Minister Lazarus Dokora said Zimbabweans should guard against falling victims of brainless media junkies who abuse social media.

He said the contents of the purported leaked Ordinary Level Mathematics Paper 1 document highlights the naivety of the abuser as it has glaring inconsistencies.

“The purported Mathematics examination paper 1 has 24 pages, which is not the ZIMSEC actual standard. The actual paper in question is set to be written in October not November as the leaked document purports,” said Dr Dokora.

The purported leaked paper only shows the front cover.

The Minister also noted that the country has had four years of no examination leak, an indication that the systems are now water tight.

Dr Dokora said his ministry is investigating the origins of the said paper, which he said is aimed at discrediting the credibility of the local examination body, ZIMSEC.