Former Ziscosteel employees are still grappling to settle their arrears with the Redcliff Municipality despite a payout effected by the steel manufacturing giant.

According to Redcliff Mayor Mr Freddy Kapuya at least 2 000 former Ziscosteel employees are in debt with the municipal authority for an amount exceeding $2 million.

To help recoup some of the losses, the council authority has since engaged the residents who owe them money as casual workers so they can offset their unpaid bills.

The work will involve clearing roadsides, blocked drainage pipes and collecting refuse while skilled ones repair street lights and water works for $10 a day which goes towards offsetting their debt to council.

The majority of these residents are elderly women who say they are providing their labour to council to avoid being evicted from the houses.

Redcliff town is currently a pale shadow of its former self due to the demise of Zisco which was the source of income for residents and the local authority who both are struggling to make ends meet.