A former police officer and an informer for the President’s Office facing fraud charges has turned the tables on the police accusing them of covering up for the crimes of high ranking police officers he had exposed and using him as a scapegoat for the charges he is facing.

Delish Nguwaya has applied for referral of his case to the con-court citing that his right to protection from the self incrimination has been infringed upon and he will not receive a fair trial.

Nguwaya was recently arrested for the possession of cocaine and extortion and spent a month and a half in custody.

His application placed before Harare Magistrate, Mr Themba Kuwanda accused the police of creating a side show by planting the drugs in his vehicle all in a bid to cover up for crimes committed by police Chief Superintendant, Nyaradzai Majachani and Superintendant, Shepherd Tachiona.

Whilst being led by his lawyer, Jonathan Samukange who jointly represents the accused with Admire Rubaya Nguwaya, Nguwaya said he was arrested in a joint operation to weed out rogue elements from the Zimbabwe Republic Police represented by Superintendant  Vera and an officer from the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Nguwaya said after his arrest for allegedly extorting a Chinese national and businessman Baoning Guao and allegedly defrauding the businessman of US$20 000 together with Zanoi Vengayi, Clever Gadzikwa and Mbizo Nyathi he had been assured by the CIO and Vera to provide evidence and information pertaining to the case on the guarantee of immunity from prosecution.

Nguwaya informed his lawyers who then advised him to provide the truthful details of the issue in an affidavit which he did and supplied to the investigating team.

The case implicated Chief Superintendant Majachani and Superintendant Tachiveyi who personally received extortion money amounting to US$5 000 from the Chinese businessman.

Upon his release Nguwaya said he was shocked to be arrested a month later after some cocaine was planted in his car and he was arrested and assaulted by Majachani while in police custody and went to remand prison for a month and a half having been warned that he would never win the war he had waged against senior police officers.

He added that despite writing to the Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Ignatious Chombo, Police Commissioner General, Dr Augustine Chihuri and the Director General CIO complaining against the dirty conduct of the senior cops and his continued harassment and unlawful arrests he has received no joy.

Meanwhile, expelled former Zanu PF Mashonaland Central youth chair, Godfrey Tsenengamu who was arrested yesterday for subverting a constitutional government following his address at a press conference in Harare between March and May last year where he urged President Mugabe to hold an extra ordinary congress and surrender leadership of the party to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa appeared in court with the state applying for his further detention.