stop_rape.jpgA 34-year old Harare man, Gideon Simango, has been slapped with an effective 18-year jail term after he was convicted of raping a 12-year old girl on two occasions.

Harare Regional Magistrate, Mr. Never Katiyo, initially sentenced Simango to 20 years, but suspended two years on condition that Simango will not commit similar offences in the next five years.

Handing his judgment, Regional Magistrate Katiyo did not have kind words for rapists, whom he said are responsible for the moral decadence of society.

Mr. Katiyo said such acts by rapists traumatise the lives of minors for the rest of their lives, besides exposing them to HIV and AIDS.


He said rape is a serious offence, adding that first offenders should not get lenience from the courts as their morals have gone beyond that of dogs.

“Even dogs know how to behave when it comes to sex and right message must be sent to such offenders. There are many women who are dying to have partners out there and there is no reason why rapists should behave in this manner.”

During the trial, the 12-year old complainant shivered and cried uncontrollably for more than 3 hours before she was able to give her evidence.

It is the State’s case that Simango raped the minor on two separate occasions, having tied the child and put some cloth in her mouth and giving her US$1. He then threatened her not to report him to anyone.