Production at the Eureka Gold Mine in Guruve is set to start in a few months time once initial preparatory works are complete.

This follows the commissioning of the mine by President Emmerson Mnangagwa early this year.

The mine’s Executive Chairperson, Mr Solomon Chibangu said they are well on course to pump out water from the underground before they start full production.
“We have submitted a 100 page project plan to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development, and the equipment for pumping out water from the mine has been acquired thanks to the rebates we got from the government to import this equipment,” he said.

The mine, which was closed years back due to a difficult operating environment, has over 60 workers on site but will employ over 450 people and produce more than 14kgs of gold monthly.

Mining like agriculture remains the mainstay of the country’s economy, generating foreign currency needed to fund the country’s nostro accounts for key imports.

Thanks to the opening up to the country’s economic sectors to both local and foreign investors by the new government, the economic trajectory will be sustained going forward to help Zimbabwe become a middle income country by 2030.