The European Union (EU) Chief Observer, German national, Mr Elmar Brok says they have witnessed a huge voter turnout, showing that things are changing in Zimbabwe but says they have received some concerns which they will need to verify.

Addressing a media briefing during a visit to a polling station at David Livingstone School in Harare, Mr Brok said while there have been huge turnout of voters the EU had made a number of observations of shortcomings during the election monitoring but would need to verify and exchange notes with the African Union (AU), non-governmental organisations and other church observer missions to establish whether it was organisational weaknesses.

“Things seem to be in order at polling stations. We have had reports of potential voters being turned away in some constituencies especially in high density suburbs, while other polling stations had long queues. The period leading up to the election and the campaign itself had shortcomings and gave the ruling party an advantage. Some of the issues have been raised before and ZEC was made aware of that. People were bused to stations where they did not live,” he said.

Mr Brok said it was critical for the EU as a big institution to bring a huge contingent of observers to Zimbabwe and be based in every province to ensure election monitoring is properly organised for a free, fair and credible election.