sk moyo swedish envoy.pngSweden has admitted that not all members of the European Union are happy with the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe saying only a few western nations are against the land reform programme that gave back land to majority Zimbabweans.

The remarks were made by the Swedish ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Anders Liden during a meeting with Zanu PF National Chairman, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo in Harare.

Speaking during the meeting on the impact of illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe, Ambassador Khaya Moyo noted that Sweden has no bi-lateral grudge with Zimbabwe, but by virtue of being a member of the EU it has a case to answer on devastating effects of the illegal embargo on the country.

The Swedish ambassador was however apologetic and said not all EU members are happy with the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.


“Sweden was never in favour of unequal land redistribution. We think you are right to do something about the land issue, to solve it,” said Mr Liden.

The two parties agreed on the need for the two countries to mend relations with Ambassador Moyo saying although Zimbabwe as a sovereign nation had to look east to liberate itself economically, the doors are still wide open for the West as long as they do not interfere in the internal affairs of the country.


“We want to appeal to our colleagues in the EU and the US that they must not interfere with our internal affairs as a country. We don’t see why we cannot turn a new page and work together in harmony,” Ambassador Moyo said.

The past few months have seen a sudden turn of diplomatic relations as the Americans and other western allies are seeking to re-engage with Zanu PF and government in socio-economic and political spheres.