The European Union (EU) has availed US$30 million to help fight violence against women in the country.

Despite initiatives put in place by government, violence against women is still on the rise.

This has raised the question of how much success is being achieved in the violence against women fight.

To help end all forms of violence against women and girls, the EU working with UN Women, formed a partnership aimed at mobilising commitment of political leaders and contributing to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), more specifically goal number 5 on gender equality and goal number 16 on inclusive and peaceful societies.

During a stakeholder meeting in Bulawayo, UN Women deputy country representative Caroline Nyamayemombe said to eradicate violence UN Women will build new multi-stakeholder partnerships providing large-scale, targeted support to government and civil society organisations.

“We have been identifying some of the factors that led to the formation of strong movements such as the HIV and AIDS response. In the end it is when we came together and we fought the disease, so we believe that it is that same galvanising of strength, galvanising of voices and resources that we need in the fighting of violence against women and girls,” she said.

Statistics show that in Zimbabwe the issue of violence against women and girls is endemic with one in every three women aged 15-49 having experienced physical violence since the age of 15 according.

In addition, 27 percent of women in the same age group have experienced sexual violence at some point in their lives.

Harmful practices are also perpetuating child marriage prevalence at a rate of 32 percent in the country and one in every 10 adolescent girls giving birth every year.