eu_flag.pngStakeholders have welcomed the admission by the European Union block that it imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, calling for those that preferred to call the economic embargoes ‘restrictive measures’ to come out clean if the sanctions are to go.

The development follows admission by the EU to have imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe and other states in a publication titled, ‘Impact of sanctions and isolation measures with North Korea, Burma, Iran and Zimbabwe as case studies,’ authored by the Directorate-General for External Policies, a policy department of the European Parliament,

Head of Zimbabwe Parliamentary delegation to the African Caribbean Pacific-European Union (ACP-EU), Cde Makhosini Hlongwane confirmed that the document is indeed the EU position as it originated from the external organ of the EU parliament which had an input in the imposition of sanctions.

A political analyst, Cde Gabriel Chaibva, said the EU has succumbed to internal and regional pressures and has realised the need to do the right thing by admitting it had taken action against Zimbabwe in the form of sanctions.

However, MDC-T spokesperson, Mr Douglas Mwonzora is adamant that the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe are targeted.

The AG’s office has since filed a lawsuit against the EU with reports indicating that the defence team has finished drafting court papers to mount a lawsuit against the international block in their own courts using their own laws.