May 28 of every year since 1991 is a celebratory day for Ethiopians around the world as it marks the demise of Dergue military dictatorship.

As such the Embassy of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in Zimbabwe marked this day by hosting a dinner yesterday in the capital.

Speaking on the sidelines of the function, Ethiopian Ambassador, His Excellency Mustafe Dek Abdiselam said his country experienced a period of stagnation and slippery decline that caused vicious cycle of war, poverty and lack of democracy.

However, on May 28 1991, things changed for the better with the fall of dictatorship and present day Ethiopia is a force to reckon with economically.

Guest of honour, Ambassador James Manzou, a representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade said the bilateral relations between Ethiopia and Zimbabwe dates back to the liberation struggle and therefore it is imperative for both countries to celebrate together such a momentous historical legacy.

Ethiopia’s economic success in recent years is well documented and has been credited to the power of unity and a shared vision amongst Ethiopian citizens.