Some African countries are putting in place measures to mitigate the effects of climate change, with Ethiopia being the latest, having planted over 350 million trees in a day.

The country has set a target to plant a record breaking 200 million trees a day and 4 billion a year to regain its lost forests, but officials said the daily target has been surpassed.

Ethiopia’s Minister of Innovation and Technology Getahun Mekuria tweeted that more than 350 million trees were planted in 12 hours.

Climate change has become a topical issue worldwide, with heat waves, cyclones and floods being attributed to this phenomenon.

Among some of the solutions that have been tabled at various fora is planting and conserving trees and like many other countries across the world, Ethiopia has lost billions of trees and forests over the years.

According to United Nations, Ethiopia’s forest coverage has declined from 35 percent of the total land to about 5 percent.

Ethiopia is on a drive to plant 4 billion trees, in Africa’s second largest population through the National Green Development Programme, with the Ethiopian Embassy planting trees in solidarity with the Ethiopian community in a bid to combat the effects of climate change.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Addisu Gebreigzabhier took time to roll up his sleeves and plant trees at the country’s embassy in Harare with some members of the Ethiopian community to ensure they meet the target by the end of the year.

Ethiopian Ambassador to Zim, Dr Addisu Gebreigzabhier planting a tree at the embassy in Harare

“We are targeting to plant four billion trees in Ethiopia as we have seen rising cases of drought which is a cause for concern leading to other factors because of climate change,” said Ambassador Gebreigzabhier.

Those who took part in the national tree planting initiative include community chairperson, Dr Endris Seid, an Ethiopian national who says they have learnt from Zimbabwe’s Afforestation drive.

“We have learnt so much from Zimbabwe’s forests, the country is green everywhere even in the cities and towns, and this is something very important that we can learn as Ethiopians because our forests have been left in a sorry state because of deforestation,” he said.

The initiative kicked off on the 26th of May through the green legacy project where Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed officiated.

More than 2.6 billion trees across Ethiopia since it was launched about three months ago.