ethanol plant.jpgThe US$600 million Chisumbanje Ethanol Plant has been completed and awaits commissioning with excess of 3 million litres of pure ethanol having been produced over the past two weeks.

After its finalisation, the plant, which is a joint venture project between ARDA, MACDOM Investments and RATING Investments, is now awaiting commissioning.

In an interview with ZBC News in Harare, ARDA board chairman, Cde Basil Nyabadza said a successful test run has been carried out over the past fortnight and 3 million litres of pure ethanol has been produced.

The final assessment is being made by the market and other regulatory bodies.

Zimbabwe imports 105 million litres of diesel, 90 million litres of petrol, 15 million litres of jet fuel, with transport and agricultural sectors consuming 60% of that.

The plant is expected to produce 40 million litres of ethanol by the end of this year and production is anticipated to increase to 105 million litres next year.

The fuel is sufficient to cover 20% of the country’s petrol requirements.

Ethanol is blended with petrol and reduces the country’s fuel import bill.