muzawazi.jpgZimbabwean student, Errol Muzawazi, who is studying international law in Poland, has successfully completed his study across 21 African countries by road over a period of six months.


Errol Muzawazi has prevailed against the adventure to become the first black man to cross the African continent by road, from the north to the south.


A holder of the World Record for the Longest Lecture, Muzawazi led a group of eight students from Jagiellonian University in Poland, in March this year and embarked on his journey from Morocco to South Africa in search of an authentic African voice.


The seven-month academic expedition across 21 African countries on a road trip by a Nissan Patrol covered 24 000km and reached African cities, towns and villages where researchers also interviewed ordinary people.


He said the expedition served as a positive change agent against modern media portrayal of the continent as home to war, disease, hunger and corruption.


Plans are also for him to publish a book detailing his journey and the images in the realm of global media. The trip also served as a preparatory networking and promotion for the African Youth Convention set for 2014.


Last year, the Polish Ministry of Science and Tertiary Education awarded Muzawazi with the title Best Foreign Student in Poland out of 17 000 foreign students from all over the world studying at Polish universities for his work in African cultural diplomacy in Europe.