epworth strikers.jpgEpworth residents are up in arms against the local board leadership whom they accuse of corruption, nepotism and political bias.


Citing poor service delivery, the angry residents who have been protesting since last week are baying for the blood of the local board leadership for allegedly hiking rates from US$3 to US$10,50 without any consultations.


The furious residents say the new rates can not be justified since no new projects have been embarked on.


The added that normal consultations usually involve development committees and residents associations but the local board disregarded the procedure.
“They just hiked the rates without consulting us as the residents. Since when did the board start making decisions without consulting the residents association and other stakeholders,” fumed one resident.


There are also allegations of nepotism in the allocation of stands, a development that has led the residents to demand the resignation of the entire local board, including the Chief Executive, Mr Kizito Muhombwa.


“We no longer want this board, we are fed up. They should just resign,” said another resident.


The country has suffered from poor service delivery from local authorities dominated by MDC-T councilors and the Ministry of local government has had to intervene to save the situation in Harare and Chitungwiza.


Allegations of corruption against MDC-T councilors have also been reported in Bindura and Kadoma.


Analysts say the constant demand for good service delivery by residents is a confirmation that the MDC-T councilors have a lot to learn as far as leadership is concerned.