sk moyo with indonesia ambassador ed.pngThe Angolan and Indonesian ambassadors have paid courtesy calls on Zanu PF National Chairman, Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo at his national party offices in the capital, with calls from both parties to increase bilateral trade relations through enhanced interparty co-operation.

Ambassador Khaya Moyo called on both nations to find investment opportunities in Zimbabwe on the basis of strong and shared bilateral relations.

The Indonesian ambassador, Mr Eddy Poerwana expressed gratitude at the excellent relations between Zimbabwe and his country, while calling for more investment co-operation from the business communities in both countries based on party to party relations.

The Angolan Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr. Pedro Hendrik Vaal Neto said relations between Zimbabwe and his country inspired by the liberation struggle should culminate in consolidating Zask moyo with angola ambassador.pngnu PF and MPLA relations to new heights as the nature of the struggle has since changed from political to economic.

Analysts say there is need to build new trade relations built on win-win situations unlike the traditional ones inspired by former colonial ties which have not benefitted third world nations.