tobacco seedlings.jpgThe Tobacco Research Board says there are enough seedlings to cover 2500 hectares while the remainder will come from individual farmers ahead of the 1st of September planting date.

As the tobacco marketing season comes to an end this week, farmers are already looking forward to the forthcoming season which begins on the 1st of September.

Tobacco Research Board Head Field Services Division, Mr Ezekia Svotwa said there has been growth in seedlings which cover 2500 hectares compared to last’s year figure which covered 1800 hectares.

He urged farmers to ensure that they have good quality seedlings to ensure high returns.

One farmer, Mr Wellington Chatikobo, who has a tobacco seedbed, echoed the same sentiments, saying it is critical for farmers to give major attention to the seedlings to ensure high yields as the quality of the crop depend on the seedlings.

Irrigated tobacco is planted on September 1, while dry farming begins in November.

Currently, tobacco has raked in US$375 million out of a projected figure of US$485 million.