The third edition of the Chipinge Agricultural Show doubled the number of exhibitors this year where the exhibitions included endangered species, among others.

History talks of dinosaurs with generations that lived after the extinction of giant animals being robbed of a chance to see them facially.

This has prompted the move to protect all animals and plants that are at risk of extermination for the benefit of the present and future generations.

The third edition of Chipinge Agricultural Show saw the exhibition of not just quality agricultural produce, but also endangered species.

National Parks Community Relations, Interpretation and Extension Officer, Wonder Chikoto said his organisation thought of exhibiting endangered species that include pythons and cycad plants in an effort to preserve them and urge society to play a role in that regard.

“We are exhibiting cycads that are specially protected plants, and pythons in order to help preserve all endangered species,” he said.

Chipinge Agriculture Show Society Chairperson, Samuel Muronga and Agriseeds Director Sales and Marketing, Ivan Craig said this year’s edition of the agricultural show society was highly successful in terms of the number of exhibitors and the quality of exhibitions.

“Last year, we had 35 exhibitors but this year we have 70. The turnout is commendable and the quality of exhibitions is indeed of high quality. We also welcome the exhibition of endangered plants and animals,” said Maronga.

Agricultural shows are important in both sharing of knowledge and marketing of the produce.