Preparatory work on the implementation of devolution is already on going with councilors being prepared on the tasks ahead while the process to come up with a legislation on the process is being fast-tracked.

The constitutional provisions to devolve power to provincial level to allow them to determine their development priorities will soon be a reality as government is holding induction and training of councilors and provincial council members informing them on the roles they should play in the new administrative system.

Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister July Moyo said the bill will enable local authority and provincial councilors to start developing their provincial economies in terms of the Constitution.

“We are working on legislation to devolve more powers to provinces with funding to make the process operational expected in January while training of councilors is being done to capacitate them to fully implement the decentralisation process,” said Minister Moyo during the induction of councilors in Mutare.

“Government has seen it necessary to prepare people for provinces come up with gross domestic product (GDP) assessments. Local authorities can give incentives to lure investors with the efforts being underpinned by the need to provide good service delivery,” he said.

The system of local government remains a cornerstone to development hence the importance of training programmes, says provincial deputy director Mr Lucky Basopo.

“A council reflects the nature of its decision makers who are the councilors. A good councilor can distinguish council business and politics and try as much not to confuse the two,” he said.

He said the province is seized with efforts to resuscitate and capacitate local authority and provincial councils that are key in making decisions that will result in the attainment vision 2030 goals.

Manicaland Province has 223 local authority councilors and 10 provincial councilors to spearhead the devolution process under the supervision of the Minister of State for the Province Dr Ellen Gwaradzimba.