Experts have called on government to urgently come up with a thorough local governance framework policy to deal with the selection and growing number of unqualified councillors and set professional standards for local authorities to deliver proper services to rate payers or quit.

The selection of councillors on popularism basis at the expense of professionalism has for long been allowed to go unabated, hence the urgent need for a paradigm shift on part of policy implementers to enforce the powers within the jurisdiction to stop the rot which has rocked towns and cities and cost precious lives over the years, laments a commercial law expert James Makiya.

The issue of electing officials without ideas of urban planning, who are clueless and whose level of debate on administration and accountability is shallow should be nipped in the bud by setting qualifications for those running for local authority offices, notes property law expert, Tapson Dzvetero.

More important is the need for government to craft a thorough local governance policy which brings together key stakeholders to change the mindset of the local authorities, residents and the nation at large to fight corruption and nepotism which rocked local authorities at the expense of service delivery, said Ignatius Chombo Junior.

Harare which used to be called the Sunshine City and many other towns have over the years been run down with the level of uncollected  garbage, potholes, lack of clean water, and mushrooming of unplanned suburbs hitting alarming levels.

It is against this backdrop that experts believe a deliberate policy to deal with these councillors should be urgently actioned before disaster struck.