president mugabe langkawi3.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe has called on Zimbabwean business leaders who attended the Langkawi International Dialogue to act on and to implement some of the constructive aspects they have learnt from the Malaysian economic success story.

Malaysia transformed from a pre-dominantly agriculture-based economy into a highly industrialised and technologically advanced country.

President Mugabe was addressing business leaders and other smart partners at the end of the 3-day meeting which brought together some African Heads of State and Government, the private sector, civil society, labour and academia together in the Malaysian city of Putrajaya.

President Mugabe said despite attending the Dialogue in the past, some players in the private sector have not produced any tangible results from their experience in Malaysia.

banner langkawi.pngHe said the lessons learnt from Malaysia can be adapted to suit Zimbabwean conditions and hailed the Asian nation for its impressive programmes in infrastructural development, social services delivery which including health, manufacturing and information communication technology.

Cde Mugabe said the Zimbabwean government is ready to work with all sectors in the smart partnership arrangement and to take constructive ideas and correcting mistakes as long as there is no violation of national shared values and principles.

The President emphasised the need to pay attention to the agricultural sector to ensure increased production to enable the country to feed itself and to export its agricultural produce.

Responding to the President’s address, the Deputy Prime Minister Professor Mutambara agreed on the need to strengthen the public sector, academia and industry.

Professor Mutambara suggested that Zimbabwe should come up with a strategic plan to establish industrial clusters that focus on specialised production of value-added goods to create employment and increase export earnings.

president mugabe langkawi2.jpgMeanwhile, President Mugabe met his long time friend who is the founder of the Langkawi International Dialogue, Dr Mahathir Mohamed.

The meeting was held at the world famous 86-floor-Tretronus Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpar.

Dr Mahathir hailed the achievement of the Langkawi International Dialogue saying the cooperation has yielded a lot of mutual benefits for the participating partners.

He however bemoaned low inflows of trade among the countries and urged them to deepen cooperation in that regard.

Both leaders condemned the bombings in Libya saying it is illegal as the western coalition is violating its mandate.

Dr Mahathir said the western powers’ actions in that country are aimed at assassinating the Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

Cde Mugabe had paid the visit to wish Dr Mahathir a speedy recovery from a pneumonia attack.