Eight families from Emthunzini, just a few kilometres outside Bulawayo, have been evicted from their homes by a local construction company for allegedly defaulting on agreed premiums.

It was an emotionally charged atmosphere when eight families were this Tuesday kicked out of houses they have invested in at Emthunzini by Hawkflight Construction Company for allegedly defaulting on agreed terms of payment.

70-year-old Gogo Moyo and her colleagues could hardly hold back tears when they narrated their ordeal.

“These people are heartless, I have been contributing US$273 per month since 2011, when my son lost his job, I fell on hard times and was struggling to pay on time. They took this opportunity to victimise me,” said Gogo Moyo.

“The crew which is evicting us is so rough, they broke my bed and spilled my medication. I have spent a lot of money extending this house from being a three-roomed to a seven roomed house,” said one of Gogo Moyo’s colleagues.

Hawkflight Operations Manager, Mr Martin Moyo says the evictions are lawful and are being done by the Messenger of Court.

“We are not responsible for the broken property as those who are effecting the court order do not belong to us. Due processes were followed and we gave these people more than enough grace period,” he said.

The suburb falls under Umguza Rural District Council and has over 900 households with more than 2000 people.