People living with albinism in Buhera District are set to benefit from empowerment projects so that they become self sufficient.

Empowering people with disabilities guarantees self determination and self-sustenance.

It is against this background that the Buhera Disabled Against Poverty Association (BDAPA) partnered Global Aid Mission to empower persons with albinism in the district through income generating projects like poultry and dressmaking.

“People with disabilities want to be treated equally with the able bodied and it brings hope to them to be able to work and earn a living for themselves rather than depending on handouts from others,” BDAPA Chairman, Mr Crimson Mangwiro said.

“On the 9th of March there is going to be a big gathering, the first of that nature in our district. Many people with albinism are expected to attend as we seek to empower them with knowledge of how they should take care of themselves. There are also going to be donations of sunscreen lotions, hats and food hampers. There are also projects which we want to help these people undertake and we hope that beneficiaries will work hard to ensure that they make a living out of those projects,” added Mr Mangwiro.

Eradication of poverty begins at grassroots level and such empowerment initiatives are critical in ensuring that development is also anchored from the grassroots.