nac.jpgThe National Aids Council (NAC) has called on companies to develop and infuse a strong will power and sustained action towards addressing HIV and AIDS at the workplace through the adoption and implementation of workplace policies.

With the figures indicating that the number of workers exposed to HIV and AIDS programmes continue to decline, NAC is working with employer organisations and labour unions to scale up the workplace response to HIV and AIDS through development of sector and company policies.

Speaking on the sidelines of a sub Saharan HIV/AIDS Conference in Harare, NAC National Coordinator for Gender and Workplace Programmes, Mrs Vimbai Mdege said most companies are at varying stages in terms of policies and programmes to implement the AIDS policy.

“We are working with the Small to Medium Enterprises, which is still facing challenges in terms of resources and technical capacities to ensure that they adopt and implement the policies,” Mrs Mdege said.

A survey carried out by NAC in 2010 revealed that 212 out of over 500 companies had HIV and AIDS workplace policies and of these, only 136 were actually implementing the programmes in the policies holistically or in part, a situation which leaves the majority of workers at risk of HIV infection.