steel company.jpgA local company – Steel World – owned by Pakistan investors has made efforts to adhere to the country’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulations by making available protective clothing for employees.


This follows a story carried by ZBC News on the poor working conditions which the workers were being subjected to by the company.


The Human Resources Manager for the steel-making concern, Mr. Clever Moyo said his company is committed to complying with set regulations and made frantic efforts to purchase work suits, helmets and safety shoes required by the employees at the company. 


“We have made the required efforts to ensure that our workers are fully equipped with the required protective clothing. It is unfortunate that we were facing challenges in that our container with some of the required equipment is stuck in South Africa,” said Mr Moyo.


steel employee.jpgOne of the workers confirmed that indeed management had by Friday acquired the required protective clothing for staff members.

He said: “We received our clothing by Friday and some today but we are happy that at least management has seen the importance of providing us with the clothing.”


The company’s Director, Mr. Rana Akbar said the steel-making project, with an initial capital injection of three million dollars has the capacity to help in the revival of the country’ economy.


While the country is on a major drive to attract investors on a win-win basis from friendly nations such as China and Pakistan to partner local companies, analysts believe those given the go ahead to invest must respect the laws of the country and ensure that the alliance is based on mutual trust and equality.

The steel-making industry in Zimbabwe has been depressed with ZISCO Steel facing viability challenges and has been targeted to be the first state-run company for disposal and restructuring.


The development of the steel-making industry in Zimbabwe is critical as it promotes the growth of downstream industries such as construction and other manufacturing sectors.