The Emergencies Medical Expo ended in Harare yesterday (Saturday) amid calls for more support towards the improvement of service delivery in the healthcare sector.

Emergency Medical Services Specialist, Mr Craige Turner said while the country’s Emergencies Medical Services Department is fast growing, there is need for a co-ordinated approach in the department that should see a directorate being established in the Ministry of Health and Child Care, among other support mechanisms.

One of the participants, Dr Douglas Gwatidzo said more funding is required to buy ambulances as their number in the country fall far below the expected requirements.

Zimbabwe Emergencies Medical Services Expo Director, Mr Sherpard Chakanza said the expo can play an important role in mobilising support towards improved health service delivery with his organisation working on growing the initiative.

The Emergencies Medical Expo ended with organisers of the conference giving various awards to people who contributed to the growth of the department in the country.