State media houses have been called upon to seriously take government officials’ social media messages such as tweeter as leads to build up and write the latest Zimbabwe’s story rather than to wait for other private media who will spin the facts to match their anti-government agenda.  

The fact that information dissemination is now spreading fast via different technologies should set the tone for the state media to sharpen its strategies and embrace the new world of communication and news gathering. 

Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi told state media bosses at the closing of the ministry’s strategic planning workshop in the capital to embrace social media as reliable sources to shape their news on day to day government operations.

“We need to move out of the old thinking, and take the vision spelt by Minister Mutsvangwa under this result based management training, lets walk the talk. Our twitters as government should provide you with leads of the story of the day, we should not tweet and the next thing our twitters are first reported in private media, it is the job of the state media to lead and other should follow,” he said.

It is high time for state media bosses come up with strategies where we must see the Minister of Information and other government officials given columns in state media mouthpieces as these are the key drivers of vision 2030 enunciated by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“We used to see the former ministers and others been given space to portray the government business and propaganda, the Zimpapers invite ministers, we want to see Minister Mutsvangwa periodical column, nothing should stop that because we are the government communication mouthpiece,” Honourable Mutodi said.

The call by the Deputy Minister is in line the 2019 draft plan for the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services to provide improved media environment.

This also include increased publicity on the transitional stabilisation programme, austerity for prosperity drive and the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra which are key pillars of the country’s vision 2030 to attain upper middle class status.