parirenyatwa hosp.jpgGovernment says health and education institutions should embrace fully the concept of public-private sector partnerships to refurbish critical infrastructure which is in a dilapidated state.


The Ministry of Public Works has embarked on an intensive programme to assess the progress made in the rehabilitation of key infrastructure in universities, schools and hospitals across the capital.

Speaking during a tour of various government projects in the capital, the Deputy Minister of Public Works, Senator Aguy Georgias said major projects remain unfinished due to sanctions induced economic challenges but he implored institutions to be proactive and engage partners in development programmes.

“We are quite impressed with progress made here at Parirenyatwa hospital as they stared last year with support from various partners. This is the way to go as government at the moment cannot assist. Partnerships go along way in development programmes,” said Senator Georgias.

Parirenyatwa hospital has embarked on a project to provide accommodation for doctors and nurses and to repair buildings that were damaged by fire with support from various stakeholders, while at the University of Zimbabwe the Ministry of Public Works is rehabilitating halls of residence to accommodate students who were facing accommodation challenges.

The Ministry has spent about US$1.2 million so far at the University of Zimbabwe and the residences are expected to start functioning as soon as repair work is complete.

Various government construction projects have for the past 10 years been abandoned due to the lack of lines of credit caused by illegal sanctions imposed on the country by the west.