Emalaleni market vendors expressed concern over a depressed market while appealing to the Bulawayo City Council’s intervention in providing them with clean water, sanitation and ablution facilities at the Bulawayo old rank.

The Emalaleni market which is located at the Rankini long distance road port has vendors selling traditional foods such as umfushwa, ground and round nuts, maize, indigenous fruits and beans just to mention a few.

With buckets filled with traditional foods, vendors at the Emalaleni market complained that business has gone down owing to the current use of plastic money. 

They also said point of sale machines have not been easy to access especially for vendors.

They explained that the shortage of cash has made it almost impossible for them to sell their products since most of their clients are people from rural areas.

While in some cases, their Bulawayo customers only use money transfer and point of sale facilities which are only accessible in retail outlets.

Some of them expressed discomfort with their work environment’s level hygiene.

They said their market needs sprucing up and appealed to the local authority to improve the place in order to attract customers.

Chairman of the Emalaleni market, Mr Dennis Ndebele also noted that unlicensed vendors have also become their major challenge as they are trading without paying taxes whilst his members are paying their dues.