The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has intensified community fire management training programmes throughout the country as part of the broader pre-suppression measures to contain the perennial veld fire menace.

A number of communities in Mutasa district have received fire management training programmes to equip them to be responsive in the event of outbreaks.

To this effect, 119 dedicated fire fighters recently graduated in Mutasa Central constituency after completing the training programme.

EMA Acting Director – Environmental Management Services, Mrs Aletta Nyahuye said her organisation is targeting to drastically reduce incidences of veld fires by broadening awareness programmes.

EMA Board Member, Ms Babra Rwodzi added that massive awareness campaigns seek to ensure that communities are prepared in the vent of veld fire emergencies.

A total of 260.9 hectares of land has been burnt in Manicaland Province alone, mostly in Mutare, Makoni and Nyanga’s Nyangui estate.

Four houses were burnt by veld fires in Makoni, destroying property worth more than $8000.