Cases of human-wildlife conflict continue to be reported in Middle Sabi, south of Chipinge with the latest being massive destruction of cane fields by elephants and buffaloes.

According to one farm manager, Mr Benny Zambuko, the frequency of elephants and buffaloes has significantly increased in their area which not only poses a danger to their produce, but also threatens lives.

He appealed to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks) to put measures to control wildlife population in the area.

“These elephants usually come at night and in large herds of 20 or more. Once they get into the fields, you can’t do anything about it except to wait until they leave on their own. It is a fact that the elephant population has grown bigger and above the normal carrying capacity of our game reserves, hence the need for Zimparks to urgently act and address the issue,” he said.

Community members who live along the Save Valley Conservancy also shared similar sentiments, saying they now fear moving around even in broad daylight because of these dangerous animals, which according to them are ‘extremely out of control.’

Reported cases of human wildlife conflict are not new, especially in Chipinge South where the dry weather drives animals out of protected game reserves into villages, and turning agricultural fields into grazing lands.