Elephant meat is popular in Matabeleland North Province, although many people in other parts of the country may not be aware of this.

A few years ago the San people threatened to return to their original way of life of hunting so that they could enjoy easy access to elephant meat.

Then, it made little sense why there was so much fuss about elephant meat in particular among the tribe.

A recent incident in Hwange revealed that elephant meat is in fact popular even in many other tribes in the region.

Under the problem animal control initiative in Hwange, National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority rangers shot two elephants and a third one was hit by a haulage truck which was on its way to the mining town.

Three elephants!!!Wow, what a feast the people expected.

However to the disappointment of many, one of the elephants that was shot did not die, while the other which was hit by a haulage truck also went away.

That left villagers with one but the meat portions still had to be shared equally amongst all who have been victims of human wildlife conflict.

Despite the risk of walking at night in the lion infested area, villagers will still leave their homes to go and skin the elephant even as late as midnight.

Even accidents on the highway are easily ignored as people rush to join the meat festivities.

If only elephant meat could be sold in butcheries, then perhaps it would be proved for real that elephant meat tastes better than chicken and fish.