“Elephant Man”, Jimu Nyamu from Kenya has arrived in Bulawayo where he is on a mission to raise awareness on elephant conservation.

Nyamu, who has been to Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia will head to Botswana and South Africa where he is creating awareness on elephant trade.

“Ivory belongs to elephants. The moment we remove ivory from the elephant it becomes a bad animal. Am using elephants as a key stone species. The elephants are flagships species; if we protect the elephant we have protected all other species. Elephants are drivers of the economy like the people who go to Victoria Falls they go there to see the falls and also to see the elephants,” said Nyamu.

Nyamu says he is not against the trade of elephants but he will continue raising awareness with the policy makers in east and southern Africa on the sustainable management of elephants.

“I would not advocate for the harvesting of elephants as statistics do not lie. It is not sustainable to harvest elephants. The only way we can benefit from the elephants is through tourism. In as much as we engage in elephant trade, is it not sustainable. If we look at Zimbabwe for example, we have lost 20 000 elephants in the last 10 years,” Nyamu added.

Nyamu paid a courtesy call on the Mayor of Bulawayo, Solomon Mguni upon his arrival.

He says he has received a lot of support from a number of stakeholders in the country making it a memorable trip given that Hwange National Park has the largest elephant population in the country.