Zanu PF and MDC Alliance legislators will move a motion to introduce an electoral promises tracking system meant to ensure that they deliver on the pledges they make to the electorate during campaigning.

In a development that is likely to bring a smile on the faces of the electorate, if implemented through, legislators from the two major political parties in parliament say they will bring to parliament a motion to introduce an electoral promises tracking system.

ActionAid Zimbabwe Head of Programmes and Policy Toendepi Kamusewu said the major areas of concern where little has been done by politicians to fulfill their electoral promises is gender and health service delivery.

Head of the Zimbabwean delegation to the meeting with Zambian legislators in Livingstone, Zambia, Advocate Fortune Chasi said the legislators also agreed to stop squabbling which has cost a lot of valuable time for serious discussions in the parliament.

Politicians have a reputation for making unfulfilled promises to warm their way into positions of power and influence, often forgetting or ignoring those promises once they are elected into office.