pirated cds.jpgParticipants who attended the International Confederation of Composers and Authors Societies, (CISAC), convention with affiliate music rights organisations in Ivory Coast have come up with resolutions to curb piracy on the continent including a blue print on harmonized music rights and piracy legislation.
The legislation is expected to take a universal approach and levy uniformed penalties to do away with fragile laws in some countries.


Zimbabwe Music Rights Director Mrs. Polisile Ncube who represented the country at the conference says progress has been made on the setting up of a universal law on piracy.


polisile.jpg“We have come up with a blue print that we are going to use in individual countries but will have a uniformed law on music rights and piracy,” said Mrs Ncube.


Other issues tabled include the formation of caucuses to look into the interests of musicians, licensing, documentation and distribution of royalties by collective organisations.


The indaba also agreed to tackle technologies that promote piracy by installing devices that monitor online downloads and electronic transfers using mobile phones among others.


If successfully employed the measures may help curb pirate activities on the continent where Zimbabwe is positioned 5th according to the recent world rankings.