president robert gabriel  mugabe 22-08-10.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defense Forces, President Robert Mugabe says education should be used as an instrument for the empowerment of the majority, hence the need to embrace fully the two-tier system that caters for the academically gifted as well as those that can concentrate on vocational training.

Cde Mugabe was speaking in Harare at a memorial service for his sister, the late heroine Sabina Mugabe.  


President Mugabe, who is a crusader for education-for-all, said his late sister was indeed a champion of black empowerment both through promoting education as well a development programmes for the majority.

He noted: “Education should be broad-based so that it caters for all with various talents and abilities,” adding that families should ensure that their children have proper orientation critical in shaping their future.


“Education programmes should fulfill the vision of the country as demonstrated by the late Tete Sabina, who trained herself and all those around her virtues and values that promote self reliance,” said the President.


After independence in 1980, government made access to education one of its major priorities and this saw the construction of thousands of primary and secondary schools in rural areas previously marginalised by the colonial regime.


Zimbabwe is now rated the most literate nation in Africa after overtaking Tunisia and produces high quality graduates in demand the world over.