A poll survey by a non-governmental organisation, Free and Fair Foundation has revealed that Zanu PF will romp to victory with 73% percent of the total votes in the presidential election.

After a nationwide constituency based research and analysis supported by mathematical extrapolation of results, the survey concluded that Zanu PF will win by a huge margin in both the National Assembly and presidential elections to be held on Monday.

Speaking at the organisation’s headquarters in Harare Thursday, Executive Director of Free and Fair Foundation, Mr Gabriel Chaibva dismissed talks of a run-off by saying the election will produce a clear winner in President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“The economic programmes and policies implemented by President Mnangagwa and what he has done in the past six months will propel him to victory come the 30th of July. Zanu PF will get 73% in the presidential elections and 180 seats in the National Assembly elections,” he said.

The survey also revealed there has been equitable coverage of political parties by media and that freedom of expression has also been given to contesting parties in this year’s election.