President Emmerson Mnangagwa says his government will remain focused on rebuilding the economy and creating a better life for its people.

The President was responding to questions from local and international journalists after meeting with American Ambassador to Zimbabwe Mr Brian Nichols at State House in Harare today.

The meeting between the President and Ambassador Nichols comes just a few days after United States President Donald Trump signed into law the amended Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZIDERA).

President Mnangagwa said the two held talks to exchange views on the prevailing environment in Zimbabwe so that he conveys the reality of things on the ground where peace and tranquility are prevailing in the country.

He said there can be no development without peace and with people throwing stones at each other.

Asked on his views on the recent renewed ZIDERA, President Mnangagwa said he will not concern himself with what is happening in Washington but is looking ahead with his restoration programme.

The US Ambassador said his country is concerned about the human rights situation in Zimbabwe following the August 01 incident which took place after election-day and denied that he is siding with the opposition which has alleged intimidation, not free and fair election and other allegations.

Zimbabwe and the US have been at odds after the United States decided to side with the UK on the land issue.

The new dispensation has embarked on a major re-engagement and engagement exercise with different parts of the world and a mission was dispatched to the US and it has been a wait and see attitude pending the elections which many have endorsed as free and fair except the MDC Alliance and the European Union Observer Mission.