President Emmerson Mnangagwa has committed to upholding a democratic process post elections with a promise to respect the outcome of the harmonised elections slated for the 30th of next month.

Since his inauguration on 24 November 2017, President Mnangagwa has committed to a free, fair and credible election, a message that has become a hallmark of his administration.

With 46 days to go before the country hold its harmonised elections, the President has upscaled his dedication to a democratic process with a promise to respect the election result.

A precept from an interview conducted by the Wall Street Journal with President Mnangagwa yesterday (June 15, 2018), quotes the President stating that he will respect the election result and rejecting threats that the military will intervene.

The quote reads…“The army is in the barracks. If any other party wins, we will support them as they will support me if I win”.

To date the mantra for a free, credible and transparent election has received support from both regional and international observer missions.

For the first time in 16 years, Zimbabwe has opened its doors for European observers to monitor its elections pointing to improving relations between the country and Western countries.

The presence of the European Union observer team to monitor the country’s elections is widely viewed as an important seal and acts as additional support to Zimbabwe’s democratisation process.

President Mnangagwa also hinted to a transformation of his cabinet post elections which will run with his outlined vision to grow the country into a middle income economy by 2030.

The Wall Street Journal quotes the President stating that, “It’s a process to change from one entrenched system to a new administration……you need to carry the majority of the nation with you. It’s not possible to just go with a couple of friends and say this is where we are”.

The efforts by the new administration to restore  the country’s economic vibrancy have been notable posting impressive foreign direct investment interests at $17 billion within 8 months targeted across key economic sectors which economic analysts believe are a critical plinth to usher a new economic chapter if translated into tangible deals.