President Emmerson Mnangagwa says he is a servant of the people of Zimbabwe and will use his time to work for the nation.

He was speaking at a memorial service held for his nephew Garikayi Nyathi in Masvingo North today.

“I will use my time to work for God’s people, I want to be a servant of the people,” he said.

Nyathi died in March this year after he was involved in a road traffic accident.

Cde Mnangagwa said he will continue to preach peace, love and unity among all Zimbabweans.

The President also noted that he will ensure that the country’s freedom of worship is upheld.

The President also assured churches across Zimbabwe that he will ensure that the country’s constitution which makes provisions for freedom of worship is upheld.

He said churches must be free to conduct their religious activities.

“Let’s pray for peace. There was a time for war but now it’s a time for peace, love and unity. Churches must be free to worship. I will make sure the constitution of the country is upheld as it provides for freedom of worship,” said Cde Mnangagwa.

Focusing on his nephew, President Mnangagwa said Nyathi was someone who was always jovial and ready to help those in need.


Scenes at Garikayi Nyathi’s memorial service.



Bishop Nehemiah Mutendi, the leader of the Zion Christian Church (ZCC), also addressed the same gathering with his message centering on love and unity.

Bishop Mutendi had a message for all the presidential aspiring candidates saying it is key for the nation to vote for someone who is concerned with national development regardless of whether they win or lose the elections.

“When you want to be voted as the president of the country, you must at least show love for the nation. Ask yourself what you have done for the country. Others say if you vote for me i will do this or that, but what are they doing now,” he said.

The memorial service was attended by members of the ZCC where Nyathi was a member.

Several senior government officials were also in attendance.