Industry will within the next week hold an economic symposium, targeting to provide additional recommendations on how the prevailing challenges to economic development can be effectively addressed.

Industry is seized with a myriad of challenges, ranging from foreign currency shortages, high production costs as well as constrained working capital. 

In spite of these challenges, captains of industry are confident that they can swing the country’s economic fortunes and restore capacity utilisation in the manufacturing sector.  However, for this to happen, it requires input from every economic stakeholder.

This is the reason why industry is organising an  economic symposium  to  be  held  mid  this  month  that  will  further  unpack  the 2018  national  budget  and  come  up with  additional  recommendations.

The symposium is a critical platform to discuss some of the outstanding issues that continue to dog the country’s industrial performance. 

Various presentations will be made and the biggest highlight may be on how industry views the targeted growth of 4.5 percent this year.

The feasibility of achieving this target will come out from the deliberations that will be held during this symposium. 

What is obvious though is that the private sector has a greater role to play now more than ever, to come up with solutions that will reboot the country’s economy.