hwange 3.jpgThe Head of State and Government and Commander in Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces, President Robert Mugabe says Economic Indigenisation will continue despite reports being peddled by some sections of the media that the Indigenisation Act is null and void.


 President Mugabe said this yesterday when he toured the Zimbabwe Tobacco Auction Centre and the Tobacco Sales Floor.


He warned farmers renting out land to former white commercial farmers that they risk losing the land as this will reverse the entire land reform programme which was carried out to empower indigenous people.

President Mugabe also said economic indigenisation will continue despite reports being peddled by some sections of the media saying the Indigenisationo Act is null and void.


He said with land now in the hands of the majority, focus is now on ensuring that the majority also benefit from mines and factories.

He also urged the farmers to continue with good work which saw the number of tobacco farmers increasing  from one thousand 700 to 35 thousand  and expected to bring to the sales floor about 77 million kilograms of the golden leaf to 80 million kilograms which is an improvement from last year’s  55 million kilogrammes.


This year tobacco is expected to bring about  US$240 000 000 to the country.
The President urged the farmers to start preparing for the 2010/2011 farming season and remain united in guarding their independence as this has opened other avenues of economic empowerment to the Zimbabweans.