easipark.jpgHarare’s Central Business District has degenerated into chaos as Easipark Marshals and touts are clashing over parking space leaving motorists confused over who should collect the fees.

Getting parking space in Harare’s central business district is now a nightmare as touts and Easipark marshals fight to get parking money.

ZBC News witnessed the drama along South Avenue where Easipark marshals could be seen directing motorists into vacant parking spaces from one side while touts were also trying to take the same clients.

The touts who have council parking discs argue they have as much a right to be on the street as the Easipark marshals.

Easipark marshals could not speak to ZBC News referring all questions to the Easihold Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Michael Clark who declined to comment.

However, motorists complained to ZBC News that the situation has left them confused as they are no longer sure who is genuine and who is not.

The parking management company Easipark was given a 90 day ultimatum by the Harare city council to wind up operations and are supposed to hand over their duties to the city fathers at the end of this month.

Harare city council public relations manager Mr. Leslie Gwindi said he could not make a comment as the matter is before the courts.