Popularly known as “scanias”, push carts have enabled a number of people in the City of Bulawayo to earn a living.

Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

Sometimes it is all about spotting a gap and making the best out it.

This is the situation with a number of people in bulawayo who have discovered their way of living as they push scotch carts known as “scanias” to earn their daily bread.

these “scanias” resemble a normal vehicle in all sense as they have a number which typifies that of a registration plate.

They are another form of moving goods from one place to the other.

Some say they resemble just like any other ordinary taxi in the central business district.

The scania carts are owned by a few entrepreneurs in bulawayo with some who have been in this business for more than 20 years.

Others lease them to people who then pay a certain fee.

“ngaqala business leyi ngo 1993 seninanzelele ukuthi ukuvukela kuvundu akuncedisi ngoba imisebenzi yakhona yayingabhadali imali eyenelayo. “i started this business in 1993 after realising that i was not getting much of formal employment),” said one man.

Just like a taxi cab, scania drivers have their own permanent clients as they are contracted to ferry people and goods in the central business district.

For the drivers, this is just like any other job as they spend the day behind the wheel just like any other driver.

The hope for these scania operators is that one day they will be seen and recognised as being more than just cart pushers.

Their plea is to be accorded respect by other motorists although they are not registered with the vehicle inspection department.