computer lab.jpgLibrarians who recently attended the International School Library in Harare say although e-learning is a welcome move in schools, there are a host of challenges hampering the fulfilment of the dream in Africa.

Problems of unstable electricity supply and lack of computer equipment and internet access in most schools have been mentioned as some of the challenges facing e-learning programmes in Africa.

This came up at the International School Library Month where a number of challenges facing schools were deliberated.

E-learning expert, Mr Collence Takaingenhamo Chisita says although the world is making strides in e-learning, African countries cannot do away with libraries and documentation services.

Many students do face some difficulties accessing course materials online, mainly due to slow internet access.

It was also noted that academic libraries worldwide are working to integrate institutional learning management systems with library resources to better serve users.

Malbereign Girls High school teacher, Mr Blessing Chabvuta believes that although e-learning integration has its own disadvantages such as slow internet access it will benefit a number of school students.

A number of schools are now committed to employing the latest technology to achieve the implementation of e-learning.

At the meeting which was held in conjunction with the National Library and Documentation Services, it was noted that although e-learning programmes have been implemented in a number of schools it is essential that library resources are accessible within the learning management system as libraries provide a single point of access to information.

The International School Library Month was attended by participants from schools in and out of Harare under the theme “Revitalising School Library through e-learning Technology.”