By Spren Mutiwi – Manicaland Bureau Chief


The government has declared Dzapasi Assembly in Makuvise village in Buhera a national monument, with the National Museums and Monuments already developing the site management plan which will lead to the upgrading of the site.

The National Museums and Monuments is also engaging traditional leaders and other stakeholders in sensitizing them about the national recognition bestowed upon the monument.

The proclamation of the national monument is part of the on-going national process by the National Museums and Monuments to come up with liberation war heritage sites.

Traditional leaders appreciated the gesture, saying it will go a long way in safeguarding the liberation war history.

National Museums and Monuments Eastern Region Director, Dr Paul Mpira said more needs to be done despite great strides having been made in terms of preserving liberation war heritage sites.

There were 15 assembly points established during the liberation struggle and Dzapasi was one of them and it was one of the biggest with over 5 000 former freedom fighters.