Aces Youth Academy co-founder, Marc Duvillard says the quality of the country’s topflight league is being greatly affected by club executives who at times demand unrealistic results.

2018 will be yet another year where topflight teams will line-up at the beginning of the season with coaches under pressure to meet set targets.

Duvillard pointed to a decline in quality as the reason why premiership club executives exert undue pressure on coaches and players.

While club managements may justify their desire to win, Duvillard said it is further saddening to note that the same principle of winning is often a primary objective even at junior level where technical ability needs to be a priority.

Analysts have over the years argued about the quality of play in the domestic premiership and Duvillard is in agreement with assertions that standards need to improve.

As teams begin preparing for the 2018 season, fans will undoubtedly be yearning for improvement.