A duty free structure for the importation of fertilised eggs has expired prompting poultry companies to engage Treasury on a proposed extension to revive the industry.

The duty free that was granted by the government to six top chicken eggs and meat producing companies in August last year after the devastating avian flue ended (yesterday) on January 31 this year.

Players in the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council are in closed door meetings to propose a further six month extension of the structure to enable recapitalisation, improve production and stabilise prices.

The chicken producing sector has not yet reached its full recovery and capacity to sustain the local market to the extent that the extension of the duty free for the fertilised eggs will also improve capacity utilisation for the industry, says Zimbabwe Farmers Union chief economist Mr Prince Kuipa.

“There is a lot that needs to be done but we are optimistic it will be extended,” he said.

Zimbabwe is currently experiencing shortage of eggs and chicken related commodities with most of the products being sold beyond market rates, as the poultry industry struggle to recover from the effects of the avian flue outbreak mid last year.