climate-change-conference-in-durban.jpgLocal climate change experts say while governments avoided disaster in Durban, South Africa, the adopted decisions fall well short of what is needed that is to compel the industrialised nations to reduce emissions through ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.

Whilst some have expressed optimism about the Durban Accord, local climate change experts say it is high time governments stop catering for the needs of corporate polluters and start acting to protect people.

With the impacts of climate change becoming more evident, developing countries are the ones that are most affected and as such they have ratified the protocol but the wory is that the culprits have not made any commitment to reduce emissions as espoused in the protocol.

Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyers Association Director, Mr Mthuso Dhliwayo noted that the Durban Accord could have made more sense if developed countries were forced to agree to reducing emissions, arguing that though Africa’s contribution to climate change is minimal, the continent has been the worst affected.

Another climate change expert, Mr Leonard Unganai observed that at least there is a second commitment which is a significant step forward in curbing emissions to tackle global climate change. 

While governments spent crucial days focused on negotiations to come up with an accord in Durban, experts still believe they paid little heed to repeated warnings from the scientific community that much stronger, urgent action is needed to cut emissions.

The future especially for developing countries is bleak as this whole climate change issue requires political will from the so called super powers who are sacrificing the whole existence of humanity for their selfish egos.